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About Us

Throughout the world today, millions of people use products from Wanpow without even realizing it. From medical to laboratory to pharmaceutical products, they bear the unmistakable mark of Wanpow: excellence.

Today Wanpow is renowned for its leadership and innovation in manufacturing plastic packaging products. But the journey has been a long one. Wanpow was founded in 1976 with a simple aim: To make life better. A simple yet powerful reminder that lasts till this day, Wanpow is guided by our fundamental belief that our products and services positively affect life among all who use them.

The cornerstone of Wanpow’s success has always been innovation. By improving manufacturing capabilities, listening closely to its clients and the ability to adapt to changes, Wanpow razes forward to become a leader of its industry. Wanpow does not aim to comply with industry regulations and standards; it aspires to exceed them.

Today, with almost 4 decades of experience in manufacturing comprehensive plastic packaging product, Wanpow continues to serve its clients with nothing less than perfection in its products. As it propels itself into the new economic era, Wanpow relentlessly moves forward and exceeding industry standards.

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Wanpow At A Glance


Why Wanpow?

Quality We are obsessed with the highest quality manufacturing practices. We do not aim to merely comply; we aim to exceed.
Technology Our Clean Room facilities and sterilizing services aim to ensure our products are safe for all our customers.
Expertise With almost 4 decades of manufacturing plastic packaging products, we are the leading name in the industry.

The Wanpow Model